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Flight Departure Times

As you will appreciate, we do our best to communicate and confirm your flight departure time to ensure we have the correct details to get you to the airport on time. If you inform us too late of your correct time and our schedule is full, you may risk not getting to the airport. We ask you check your booking and when making your enquiry, the time inputed should be the flight departure time. We will estimate 4-5 hours before this for your departure from Chatel and the Abondance valley

Cancellation of my Transfer(s)

If you are unable to take your transfer with us, then please contact us immediately. We do not refund any monies paid if cancelled within 14 days of your intended date to travel. We will of course provide you with a receipt for any subsequent insurance claims you may therefore pursue. We do however offer the reassurance that should you cancel your booking with more than 14 days notice, we will refund you accordingly minus a €40 administration fee. This covers the Credit card fees we have also incurred

Covid-19 Policy

No responsibility will be undertaken by ABChatelTransfers if you are unable to travel due to any Covid related illness. We are not obliged to carry your journey forward or reimburse you. This includes any trips you may have booked previously. As a small business we feel we have absorbed huge losses which we can no longer afford without risk to business survival. We hope you understand accordingly and take out the correct insurance in case of any eventualities. 

What if my vehicle is involved in an accident or breaks down?

Establish where you are, call the emergency services and assist to any injuries. If no injuries and everyone OK, and you will have plenty of time to make it to airport, then all good and well. If you are heading to the airport and there is any cause like the police having to arrive and investigate etc which may cause you to miss your flight, then consider getting an Uber or taxi immediately. We cannot be held responsible for you missing your flight and will always do our best to resolve or help the situation but must also rely on you using your common sense at the scene where you have a better perception of what is happening. If your vehicle is involved in an accident coming to the resort, then we will most likely be able to send a vehicle to collect you.

Where will I meet my driver in the airport?

Our team will meet you at the Green Tekoe Tea Shop in Terminal 1. As you enter the arrivals hall having collected your luggage, turn left and walk approx. 50m where you will be met by one of transfer drivers holding a board with your name on it.

If you are early, on a shared transfer or our driver is not by the Green Tekoe tea shop when you arrive, please wait a reasonable amount of time before contacting us. Please ensure you look around the area also in case it is super busy and the driver blends in with the crowds. If you have any concerns then please text the the number provided on your booking confirmation. The driver will then escort you to the vehicle car park which can be a 10 minute walk.

Delays even though we have landed?

Please contact us if there is a problem between landing and finding your driver. Such issues include delays at Passport Control or baggage delays. This will assist us in ensuring you are collected and not left behind. 

You may be left behind if we are unable to contact you if your details given are not correct or your Mobile phone is switched off. We will wait a maximum of 45 mins from when you land if we are unable to contact you.

What happens if my plane is delayed?

If your flight is delayed please contact us immediately so we can reschedule your pick up. If the delay is not conducive to other scheduled transfers we have, you may have to wait until we have availability or make other arrangements at your own cost. In many circumstances if the delay is significant your airline or insurance company may also cover this cost.

What is a shared transfer?

If you wish to travel economically with other passengers heading to/from Geneva airport, then we offer a shared service. Shared transfer terms apply. 

Shared transfer conditions

Shared transfer can be more economical for you but do involve additional work for our drivers and the team. We hope you appreciate the co-ordination involved. This is why sometimes when there are delays with one flight for example or people being late when we pick them up, this can have adverse affects on you causing you unnecessary stress. We do not compensate for shared transfers unless exceptional circumstances. When you book a shared transfer time, we aim to ensure your collection or drop off is within a reasonable time without too much delay. There is usually very little hanging around but in some circumstances if the difference in flight times is excessive, more than an hour for example, we would let you know and you will be able to request a refund and sort out an alternative option. Remember, we do not wish to have complaints or cause stress to you or our drivers, so we will always do our best to accommodate

What is a private transfer?

A private transfer is as suggests and means that you will go direct to your destination without need for stopping or collecting other passengers. Private terms and conditions apply.

I would like to book a transfer from a train station or a hotel and not the airport, is this possible?

Please email us with details of your requirements and we will help. All terms and conditions apply.

I land on the French side of Geneva airport. What do I have to do?

Make your way to the Swiss side accordingly where you will be met by your driver at the Green Tekoe tea shop.

What is the deadline for an online transfer to be booked?

Transfers must be pre-booked 48 hours in advance. Please ensure you have your confirmation of booking printed out in case requested by the authorities or the driver.

Which resorts do you go to?

Primarily we go to Chatel, La Chapelle and Abondance or anywhere along this route. If you do not see where you are going in our list of destinations, please email us.

Are there any extra charges after our booking has been taken?

Only if additional passengers are added to your booking will there be additional charges.

What do I do if I can’t find my driver?

If you cannot find your driver then please call the number that is on your booking confirmation. It has also been known that you are both standing very close but have not noticed each other, so please look around.

How long will I wait after I’ve met my driver until we leave for resort?

As soon as possible. The advantage of Private transfers are that you are guaranteed to leave immediately whereas if you are sharing, you may wait up to 90 mins

When I’m leaving resort where will I be collected from?

You will be collected from the address that you put on your booking forms. If we cannot find you or contact you via your mobile phone number, then we reserve the right to abandon the transfer with no refund. If your location is difficult to find or there is a incline to negotiate, then please let us know. Please see ‘terms and conditions’ regarding any changes to this information.

What happens if I’m running late for my departure time?

Please let us know in advance if you can so we can make all necessary preparations. We will advise you at the time of the ramifications and if we can wait but certainly if you are on a shared transfer, this may prove difficult and you will forfeit your seat and receive no refund.

How long before my flight departs, will I be collected in resort?

 You will receive a message the night before instructing you of your intended collection time. We allow a minimum of 4 hours before your flight in case of vehicle problems or weather related issues. 

How do I know what time I will be collected from resort for my departure?

You will receive a message on your mobile phone before 6pm the day before departure. If you do not receive this message, ensure you contact us as soon as you can.

Can I change my drop off time at the airport for a time that differs from my actual flight departure?

Please contact the office and we will see what we can do. Please see terms & conditions.

Is the price for adults, children and babies different?

The cost is per seat and there is no dispensation for any age. Please ensure you request a baby or booster seat where necessary.

Policy on infants eating and drinking in the vehicles

No food or fizzy drinks are allowed to be consumed in the vehicles.

Smoking and Alcohol policy?

Under no terms is alcohol to be consumed in the vehicles. Any person considered to be drunk prior to arriving at the vehicle and a potential danger or nuisance to the driver or other passengers will also be refused to travel in the vehicle. No smoking in the vehicles is permitted.

Do you provide baby and booster seats?

Yes, please request when booking. 

Does my baby or child need a baby or booster seat?


What happens if I need to collect or return keys to a letting agent?

Please ensure you have the address of the letting agent and the address of your holiday accommodation. Extra time may be required so please make sure we are notified of the above. Thank you

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